Zodiac Bash-‘Pilot’ New EP Release

I first saw this group play at a house party gig called Phantom Airship not long after moving to Phoenix. (Read the article here.) I was impressed because this isn’t normally the type of music I would choose to listen to, but it appealed to me. I find it intriguing anytime a band can accurately pull off weird sub-genres such as ‘psychedelic space rock’. This new EP has a futuristic feel reminiscent of 60s era Sci-Fi films through the use of voice manipulation and synth interludes. The vocals are well meshed with the cacophony of other sounds. This is basically like garage rock on acid.

After spending more time living in Phoenix it appears to me that there are some unique bands existing and creating in an underground music scene worth checking out. If you’re curious and want to go on an intergalactic, musical journey with these guys come to the official EP Release Party at Pho Cao on March 18th.



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