Dusted. (w/ Jeremiah Christo) opens for Bird of Prey & Random Rab in Flagstaff, AZ

I was out on a solo journey traveling around Arizona with my dog. I’d just seen the Grand Canyon for the first time and some other notable landmarks and was driving around marveling at the desert landscape when I got a call from Jerry Pavelko to come to his show in Flagstaff at the Green Room that night and shoot. I knew nothing of what to expect but drove into town to see what it was all about. I planned on just staying for his set (since I’d been up since 6am and driving all over the state) and ended up staying for the whole show.

A large crowd of free spirited individuals had formed in front of the main stage. Jeremiah and Jerry (Dusted.) began their set with a Tibetan singing bowl that then blended into electronic sound waves. They mixed tribal, ambient sounds with live hand drum and guitar. The crowd was vibing and dancing and smiling at the night going by. Bird of Prey took the stage and the dance party continued with his steady hypnotic beats. Finally, Random Rab came on and as a display of warm glowing light pulsed around him he took us on a mesmerizing journey through spiritual manifestations in melody, dark dreams in tempo and new awakenings in sound. I was in awe at the whole spectacle. My day had been a perfect mix- starting with self introspection in the humbling surroundings of nature and ending with resounding music vibrations echoing into the night.



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