What you missed if you weren’t at Fountain Airship in downtown Phoenix Friday night:


The show: A bumpin’ house party hosted by Phantom Airship and The Fountain Space showcasing a group of Phoenix based musicians, all pioneers of their genres, bringing psychedelic, post punk, electronica and space rock vibes to a whole other level. They are pushing their way into self-proclaimed genres with versatility and originality in sound. I.am.hologram says he is most accurately categorized as “electric church music” and Zodiac Bash described their group as “psychedelic synth rock”. I noticed an overlap in that a couple of these bands seemed to have a progressive rock Mars Volta type influence, specifically with vocal style choice, but they were all so different from each other it’s hard to even make that comparison. The DJs brought a refreshing sound far from the typical ‘womp womp womp’ of dubstep, combining unique trip hop, acid house and ambient beats with samples from the mainstream music world restructuring them into new and impressive tracks. The crowd was enthusiastic, supportive and not at all hesitant to get involved- dancing, freestyling over the DJ’s beats and jamming out in the practice room.

The venue: The Fountain Space is a music and art studio space at a residential house. At this particular show the hosts provided kegs of premium beer and food made fresh by Mario was available for purchase. When you combine the intimate, laid back atmosphere of a house party with the adrenaline and energy of a live concert the results are nothing short of a good time.

The bands: (Click on them to check out their sound)

Phantom Airship

Zodiac Bash

Tribal Leader

The Clouded



Dungeon Destroyah


Photography by Sara Joy Tiberio Photography

IMG_0182 IMG_0180 IMG_0179 IMG_0176 IMG_0171 IMG_0168 IMG_0163  IMG_0158 IMG_0157 IMG_0155  IMG_0253IMG_0152IMG_0151 IMG_0137 IMG_0255   IMG_0161IMG_0252 IMG_0246 IMG_0231IMG_0243 IMG_0241 IMG_0254 IMG_0225 IMG_0220 IMG_0218 IMG_0207 IMG_0202

IMG_0192  IMG_0187 IMG_0185IMG_0203


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