Hieronymus Bog’s The Angel Tour: Live @ The Trunk Space 9/20/15

Photo Credit: Sara Joy Tiberio Photography

Photo Credit: Sara Joy Tiberio

Hieronymus Bogs, a musician hailing from Rochester, NY, stopped by Phoenix’s The Trunk Space on “The Angel Tour”, named after his most recently released album. He went on after an art installation performance in which TVs were smashed outside. Bogs is the type of artist who leaves a piece of him with you in each performance. His heart is fully in it. He crafts his sets full of wisdom infused songs and poems that all connect and relate to each other.

He also pays careful attention to the showmanship subtleties of the show and how he interacts with his audience, which relays great in intimate settings such as this venue. Something clearly evident through this performance is that this artist has not lost his curiosity for life. At one point during the set he asks his audience, “What is poetry? What came first: music or poetry?” and goes off on a semi-tangent. Bogs reminds us of an important life sentiment: never stop asking questions.

His sensory pleasing performance is full of acoustic guitar, banjo, chanting, whistling, singing, bells and wind chimes. It is often as if he is gently waking us up from a dream. There is a vintage telephone on the ground with the receiver pointed up as if to signify open communication to another realm. I didn’t ask specifically why he sets it up like this because I like the mystery of it. Another interesting thing about Bog’s performance is the way he takes poems by classic poets such as William Blake, and breathes new life into them through combining them with his own melodies. There is an undeniable feeling that he is sharing a treasured gift with his audience that has been cultivated through this art form.

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