I/II by Kurt Galvan and Kurt Andrew


This musical exploration in sound by Kurt Andrew and Kurt Galvan, described as “chucking marbles and chains at a grand piano” and recorded on a cellphone paints a scene of an abandoned Victorian house, with various antiques and old sentimental relics strewn around. In this scene is a lamp with no lampshade, a crooked hanging canvas painting, a silver goblet still full of unidentifiable liquid on a large wooden desk, papers with faded ink stains lining the surfaces, rats scuttering by on occasion and in one corner an ancient grand piano with a dark figure hunched over in an odd manner plucking keys sporadically. Some identifiable sounds that create this kind of visual are static, thudding, crashing, rustling, crackling and more. There is an unsettling lack of tempo fitting for this type of sound creation. This is the soundtrack to someone’s childhood nightmares with alternating foreboding and nostalgic vibes.

A few questions popped into my head while listening. “How do you make an experimental noise piece that’s 20 mins long interesting?” and “How do you make an experimental noise piece more than just noise, but an artistic composition?”. Techniques used here are change in dynamics, a build up in tension and unique noises or combinations of sounds that elicit certain emotions or paint images in the mind. Purposeful selection of sounds and duration of noises as well as added post production maniherepulation speak to the creative process. Galvan and Andrew explore non-conventional purposes for making music here by creating a series of sounds to stand alone as art that evokes an emotional response as opposed to creating sounds for the sole purpose of creating an aesthetically pleasing composition.

Download it for free here.


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