Beyond The Sun LP by Orgōne


When this group of musicians comes together on stage they light a fire of euphoria that permeates into the audience with positive vibrations and burns brightly into the night. The recordings on Beyond The Sun are expertly polished and deliver a high level of energy oozing out of your speaker equivalent to seeing them live in concert and will no doubt start a dance party in your living room. Orgone represents the pure soul of the original funk era while simultaneously branching out in their genre and appealing to a wide range in audience with versatility. This can be seen in progressive elements such as the chanting and layered percussive textures in “Sabi”, mind-bending keyboard vibes and guitar riffs in “Picture On The Wall” and an upbeat, pop melody of pure ecstasy in “People Beyond The Sun”.

Feel-good, simple lyrics are messages everyone can sing along to. Lead singer, Adryon de Leon, delivers sheer feminine power in her chilling vocals. The instrumental tracks demonstrate the tight-knit effectiveness of the unspoken communication between this combination of talented musicians. This album is sensuous, spicy, fun and highly sophisticated all in one, with tracks full of raw hype, set to a groove that is classic and vibrantly appealing to the senses.

Get your hands on a copy of this album via Amazon and iTunes!


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