OHS residency ft. Thoroughbred and Fabricator (DJ Bittle) @ Flour City Station 07/13/15

On a Monday night it was obvious a group of good friends and dedicated fans showed up to support these bands, and they delivered. The group of musicians OHS (Sam Snyder) played with this night have a way of inviting you into their musical world while on stage. As a photographer I like this intimate atmosphere. I like to be able to get right on stage, wedged in a corner amongst amps and instruments as they’re playing to get unique angles from different perspectives, and I am grateful to have friends who will put up with me doing this. From Thoroughbred’s dark, electric thrashing and throbbing and somber vocals to Fabricator’s progressive dubstep, bass heavy pulsing waves, to OHS’s folktronica extravaganza coming crashing through the room like a desert storm and ending in a low rumble of thunder the night was like an enchanting psychedelic experience- reaching into the depths of the soul with beautifully sung lyrics from Snyder like, “…please destroy me…”, and creative examining of the human experience through live performance by all.


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