Chalk It Up! LP by Our Friends Band


Members of jazz/rock/funk fusion group Our Friends Band, based out of Oswego, NY, started out playing house parties and dorm-room jam sessions for close friends and now have expanded that circle of friends as they rock all around Upstate NY lighting up various music venues. Most known for their song “Can’t Find My Shoe”, OFB is bringing us more original fun and funky tunes with new album, Chalk It Up!.

This album shows an impressive versatility in sound pulling appealing elements from different genres to create a medicinal concoction of humor and positivity through music. Many of OFB’s songs have a jazz influence used in a new way for the likes of our generation’s music palate. Although there are some serious moments technically and musically, especially in the trading guitar and trumpet solos, the playing feels effortless and lighthearted.

This group is constantly keeping things fresh, playing around with techniques such as the use of vocals as a percussive sound in “Pick Up and Drag” or the psychedelic vibes from the keyboard synth effects on “Parallelogram”. In spite of maintaining a humility and hometown band vibe these tracks show OFB really honing their style and laying it down solid for some moving and grooving on the dance floor.

Dig this album here.


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