“Planet of the Crossing” new single by Edge of Jupiter


This thirteen-minute track off the new album from Edge of Jupiter, scheduled to drop in late August, is epic in length and chilling in content. There are definitely some adapted elements most notably used by well-known group, Pink Floyd, and other progressive rock groups from the 70s and 80s era that contribute to an ominous vibe here. These elements consist of a slow build up in instrumentation, heavy electric guitar play and distortion and well-crafted solos as well as dark and edgy vocals, such as, “There ain’t no afterlife, the world will never end.”

Not only are these sci-fi influenced lyrics clear and easy to sing along to, but they also evoke contemplation and keep the listener engaged. The addition of a woodwind instrument gives a pleasant, earthy contrast to the electric guitar. The subtle auto-tune and vocal doubling adds a thicker, more metallic sound to the vocals that contribute to the feeling that they are raising an army of robots at the end of this song. There is careful build up over time to a great finale. At the climax of the song the distortion and static in the vocals increase alarmingly and the lyrics paired with a fierce guitar solo send chills down the spine.

I would put this song on a playlist with other modern-day bands such as Flaming Lips, Earth and Air. Although I don’t immediately think “catchy” while listening to this piece, because of the structure of the song and extended instrumental bits, the main riff and some of the lyrics got stuck in my head for a while after listening to it so the achievement of creating an original and memorable single here is undeniable.

Get this track when you pre-order the full album, and if you’re in Rochester, NY where this band is based, check out the listening party at Record Archive for the official release on August 29th.


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