Long Legs EP by OHS

longlegs Cool, breezy ambient sounds mix with higher-pitched, eerie electronic noises seemingly coming from somewhere outside the biosphere. This album is full of haunting, distorted vocals signature to Overhand Sam. It feels like a polished recording but still maintains a raw, edgyness. OHS overlays various electronic textures on these tracks that give a fullness to the sound. Some of the songs, most notably “Coma”, are instantly relatable because the upbeat melody that pierces through carries a blissful nostalgic feel. This album makes you feel like you’ve just landed on another planet after your home planet was destroyed, and this new planet is habitable and so full of awe-inspiring and curious things to be discovered. That’s honestly the first thing I thought of while listening to it. We start out in an intergalactic journey through space with the opening song “sonder”, and are taken to the depths of an underwater seaworld in “synchronized diving”. Another interesting thing to note is while passing an icecream truck, for a second I couldn’t tell if the carnival-like icecream truck jingle was a part of the OHS song I was listening to or not. If you like The Flaming Lips, The National, Grizzly Bear, The Pixies or Spoon you will dig this album. It has varying qualities reminiscent of all of these bands and more but is still undoubtedly of something all its own. Buy the album here.


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